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Re: Using "P" in a Cladistic Engine

Jaime Headden wrote-

>   I just want to jump on this in case anyone's doing it in their matrices:
>   Coding "P" as a "polymoprhic" condition in a character state acts _as_ a
> character state in the matrix. >snip< I noticed that recently some recent
matrices of the Theropod
> Working Group Matrix and our own Tom Holtz have resolved to using actual
> different states in parentheses, which can include any number of states,
> e.g. "(01)" or "(134)" and PAUP treats each occurance of a state in a
> different tree. >snip<It thus seems problematic that assigning a "P"
> which is what is being done, will screw up any matrix at least a little,
> and the more "P"'s in the matrix, the worse your signal is likely to be.

Just to clear up, I didn't actually use "p" in the corrected matrix, instead
using (01) for polymorphisms.  The "p" I cited was thus not entirely
accurate in this respect.  Similarly, my (constantly) in progress
coelurosaur matrix uses (01), etc. for polymorphisms.

Mickey Mortimer