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Herons that use bait to fish

There was this really neat show on Discovery tonight. All about predators... 
hunting via instinct and hunting via being taught and learning. One segment was 
about this heron. Turns out that this particular heron, just like any other 
heron, had a problem catching fish. The fish were warry about going into the 
shallows were the heron was waiting for them. Well, there were these kids that 
would come down to the pond and feed bread to the ducks. This bread would in 
turn attract fish. This heron, amazingly, watched all of this transpire, and 
learned to fish with bread. It would sneak in a steal some bread from the 
ducks... The heron wouldn't eat the bread... He would take it to another part 
of the pond, and put it in the water directly in front of himself... The heron 
would then wait for the fish to come. This was all on film. It was pretty 
amazing stuff, and I thought I'd share this with ya.


Don't forget that "Inside Animals" show that will air Monday at 9pm eastern on 
the Discovery Channel. The more previews I see, the better and better it looks.