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Re: How Did Hadrosaurs Survive? (Was: Hadrosaur "mummy" questions)

on 11/2/02 2:50 AM, theclaw10@charter.net at theclaw10@charter.net wrote:

> I'm not saying they were exclusively scavengers....but I do think that they
> (along with just about any other predator) would be opportunists...maybe
> once in a while Mom and Dad had to go out and hunt out of absolute
> necessity, but just as I don't think they were exclusively scavengers, nor
> do I think they were exclusively active predators. That is the impression
> I'm getting from some of your arguments; that _T.rex_ was almost exclusively
> an active predator, rarely if ever relying on scavenging.
> -Chris

Hi Chris,

Sorry if I came across that way. I believe all carnovores are opportnists,
but this also depends on the digestive tract. Cats for example can't digest
bad meat well due to their short tract, so they scavenge from fresh kills or
usually they just kill something themselves. While dogs, can digest some
really rotten meat because their tract is longer. Cats also get 90% of their
water from meat (so don't feed them kibble, kidney failure!!)

I don't believe they scavenged as much as you do, but that depends on dead
animals in the area ect.

I do believe T. rex was an active hunter. They scavenged when they'd come
across dead animals (why hunt when you can get an easy meal!) but didn't
rely on them, similar to lions. Lions routinly steal kills from hyenas (who
have a kill success rate of 60%) but when fresh kills aren't around they go
off and hunt.