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Sauropod inferences

Atle Mysterud has, since 1998, been releasing papers
investigating rather thoroughly ungulate social
behavior. If one uses a combination of
game/bifurcation theory, and fast-slow dynamics, and
supplements these with Atle's papers, a picture
(albeit hazy but rich in potential) emerges of
possible inferred patterns of sauropod behaviour. His
latest paper:
Atle Mysterud, Tim Coulson, N.C. Stenseth, 2002. The
role of males in the dynamics of ungulate populations.
Jour. Animal Ecology 71(6):907-915
I would also recommend:
Atle Mysterud, 2000. The relationship between
ecological segregation and sexual body size dimorphism
in large herbivores. Oecologia 124(1):40-54

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