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In a message dated 10/31/02 2:07:41 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
Dinogeorge@aol.com writes:

<< To me, two dinosaurs belong in different genera if the average dinosaur 
 paleontologist can tell them apart at a glance (assuming they're at the same 
 ontological stage and are of the same sex), without resorting to making 
 detailed measurements or detailed examinations of skeletal anatomy. 
 Contrapositively, if they cannot be told apart at a glance, they very likely 
 belong to the same genus; and detailed anatomical examinations and 
 measurements (e.g., multivariate analysis) may turn up consistent 
 in the hypodigm of the genus that indicate the existence of distinct species 
 within the genus. >>

No offense, but this reminds me of the "Thomas Jefferson on horseback" test.