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Determining genera [was SUCHOMIMUS = BARYONYX]

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> << There is an *incredible* amount of
>  variation in ceratopsid skulls--just look at Chasmosaurus! I can easily
>  distinguish many of the individuals belonging to Chasmosaurus belli
>  by differences in horn proportions, snout length, or frill configuration.
>  the "gut instinct" criterion, this means they could be separate genera.
> Can you give us a good reason why they should not be in separate genera
> all?

Careful examination of a series of specimens, as done by Godfrey and Holmes,
shows that much of this variability falls along a continuum. There really
aren't any good, discrete characters to warrant the separation of the
various Chasmosaurus belli [or Chasmosaurus russelli, or Torosaurus latus,
or whatever taxon you pick] specimens into different genera.
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