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Re: Determining genera [was SUCHOMIMUS = BARYONYX]

In a message dated 11/2/02 11:34:52 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
andyfarke@hotmail.com writes:

<< Careful examination of a series of specimens, as done by Godfrey and 
 shows that much of this variability falls along a continuum. There really
 aren't any good, discrete characters to warrant the separation of the
 various Chasmosaurus belli [or Chasmosaurus russelli, or Torosaurus latus,
 or whatever taxon you pick] specimens into different genera. >>

If you have enough fossils, they'll >all< fall into a continuum: the Tree of 
Life. So we need other criteria for separating species,. Otherwise all living 
things would belong to the same species.

And this is my seventh and last post to the DML today.