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hadrosaur tooth counts

Peter Dodson in "The Horned Dinosaurs" mentions the issue of hadrosaur
tooth count in passing in note 42, p. 294-295, where he puts as the
source of the 2000-tooth claim a 1920 paper by Charles Gilmore, in a
passage discussing "Trachodon" (an *Edmontosaurus* specimen).  Dodson
reports that Gilmore overestimated the number of teeth per vertical row
at 10 to 14, instead suggesting 6, which provides a final count of 1440
(6 teeth per vertical row * 60 tooth positions per jaw * 4 jaws), and
goes on to suggest a tooth count of up to 704 for lambeosaurines (3-4 *
40-44 * 4 ).  
The Gilmore citation is: 
Reptile Reconstructions in the United States National History Museum. 
In: Smithsonian Report for 1918 (Publication 2561).  Washington, D.C.:
Smithsonian Institution, pp. 271-280 (p.272 for mention)
Justin Tweet, *Thescelosaurus*
See "Thescelosaurus!": http://personal2.stthomas.edu/jstweet/index.htm

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