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RE: Antarctosaurus

> Just what the hell is Antarctosaurus?? Is it a titanosaur? 

Most likely a titanosaur - the braincase (at least) is titanosaur.  There
are doubts whether the type material for _A. wichmannianus_ comes from a
single species (i.e. it may be a composite of two or more sauropod species).
Modern paleontologists are known to break out in a cold sweat at the thought
of Friedrich von Huene's taxonomy of South American sauropods.

And Indian ones too... Huene described several _Titanosaurus_ species and a
new _Antarctosaurus_ species from the Lameta Formation (or Group) of central
India.  The type material of _A. septentrionalis_ is almost certainly
titanosaurid.  Jain and Bandyopadhay (1997) even considered this species a
junior synonym of _T. indicus_, also from the Lameta.  At the other extreme,
Hunt et al. (1995) referred _A. septentrionalis_ to a new genus,

Poorly known _A. giganteus_ is a very big sauropod, and probably not
congeneric with _A. wichmannianus_, the type species for _Antarctosaurus_.