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Photos of hadrosaur survival

Take a look at these photos... I scribbled a few comments about what I see 
here, but... I don't think they are really necessary. I think that more mounts 
such as this one need to be done... Not only do you get an up close and 
personal depiction of a snap shot in time that could very well have taken 
place, but, I think the scene gives you a much better foundation to build your 
speculations around. Drawings just don't match seeing the real thing. (No 
offense to you fabulous artists out there.)


As I wrote before:

>>OK... I haven't been following what's been going on with this hadrosaur 
>>thread.... only because I don't understand what the discussion is about... or 
>>why it's taking place in the first place. Just out of curiosity... Call it 
>>simple-minded thinking if you want... But, is it not feasible to say that the 
>>delts of hadrosaurs were strong enough to hold the animal up as it kicked out 
>>at a marauding tyrannosaur???? Modern-day ungulates Vs predators oh my!!!!  A 
>>swift kick to the legs of a rex... What more do you need exactly??? What's 
>>the big mystery??? Not to sound like a nitwit, but I'm having trouble with