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RE: "Carnosaurs"

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> Just seeking some opinions here...
> What phylogenetic position of the following basal tetanurans?
> Which of them
> can be classed as Torvosaurids? Spinosauroids? Carnosauria? Or just plain
> basal Tetanurae?
> 1) Cryolophosaurus

Who the heck knows?!?  There is substantial damage to the skull, which makes
part of it hard to determine.  Have not yet seen the postcranium.

> 2) Monolophosaurus

In most studies, a basal carnosaur.

> 3) Eustreptospondylus

In my most recent analyses, a megalosaurid.  Basal to Avetheropoda in any

> 4) Afrovenator

In my most recent analyses, a megalosaurid.  Pretty darn close to
"Poekilopleuron" valesdunensis.

> 5) Piatnitzkysaurus

In my most recent analyses, a megalosaurid.  Basal to Avetheropoda in any

> 6) Sinraptor/ Yangchuanosaurus

Primitive carnosaurs.

> 7) Metriacanthosaurus
> 8) Valdoraptor

Have not yet included these guys in formal analyses.  Appear to be basal
tetanurines, and arguably carnosaurs.

> any information regarding their similarities/ differences to
> other much more
> well-known taxa (eg. Giganotosaurus, Allosaurus,
> Acrocanthosaurus) would be
> much appreciated.

Wait for the papers (or find the papers already published on them, and read
them!  The DML is NOT a substitute for doing research!!)

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