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Re: Re Pinacosaurus (was How Did Hadrosaurs Survive?)

Tim Donovan wrote:
>   Thanks a mint for this one, Ken. The presence of Pinacosaurus in the 
>Wangshi series confirms a Barungoyotian age, or makes it most parsimonious. 
>Of course, if lambeosaurs are not present in the Hell Creek, that would suit 
>me just fine.

     One post from HP Carpenter and everything that Guy Leahy, myself, and 
others have been trying to impress upon you about the pitfalls of 
biostratigraphy and the sensitivity of complex hypotheses that rest on single 
data points goes flying out the window? You haven't answered any of the issues 
raised by anyone else, and HP Carpenter did not even express an opinion 
regarding correlation of the Wangshi.

     If you get a chance, review the archives and look at some of the extremely 
long threads in which an author (I'd rather not name names, but there are some 
notables) has hung on tenaciously to a particular hypothesis in the face of 
overwhelming evidence. You don't want to end up looking like them...

     Just some food for thought.


P.S. It is always a good idea to "cc" everyone who received the message to 
which you are replying, as a courtesy.