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RE: Photos of hadrosaur survival

On Tue, 5 Nov 2002 MariusRomanus@aol.com wrote:
> kevin@pathology.hku.hk writes:
> > Zebras kill lions because in order to bring down a zebra a lion
> needs to attack its haunch, which is within the range of the kicking
> hind legs of the zebra. But, the well-known bite mark on the tail of
> Edmonton suggests to me that a large predator such as T. rex could
> attack their tail regions which are beyond the reach of their legs. At
> least i can say the attack on duckbills by T. rex was a lot safer than
> attacking the zebras by lions. <
> I think you missed my subtle point. Not every lion dies when it
> attacks a zebra. ie: They don't screw up. But sometimes... juuuuuust
> sometimes... things go bad... really really bad. Tyrannosaurs were not

A long time ago I recall seeing some footage of a lion that had its lower
jaw kicked. It was sort of dangling. It died of starvation.

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