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new book

I'm pleased to announce publication of another paleo-related book by Indiana 
University Press.  This one isn't in my "Life of the Past" series, because it 
isn't related to paleontology as a science so much as, well--see the title:

Starring T. rex!  Dinosaur Mythology and Popular Culture, by Jose Luis Sanz, 
2002.  ISBN 0-253-34153-1 (hardback) or 0-253-21550-1 (paperback).

Just as the title says, this books is about the way dinosaurs have impinged 
upon popular culture, in movies, SF novels, comic books, etc.  Sanz is a 
Spanish paleontologist whose professional work will be familiar to many readers 
of this list.  There are lots of photos of delightfully trashy dinosaur art in 
the book, some of which I hadn't seen before.  This one is just for hoots,