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RE: Titanosaurus (was RE: Some Comments Re: Antarctosaurus)


> Tim, it's time for you to publish a diagnosis of Titanosaurus indicus.

As it happens, I have a draft paper ready concerning _T. indicus_.  However,
it's more of an historical summary of the genus _Titanosaurus_, and offers a
possible disposition of the Lameta titanosaur material.  No diagnosis is
proposed for any Lameta species - though *possible* diagnostic characters
are offered (see below).  I held off submission when I read/heard that
Sankar Chatterjee had located some of the original _T. indicus_ GIS
material, and rediscovered the type horizon (along with further
titanosaurmaterial).  This is a good lead, worth chasing up...

Also, I'm not at all comfortable with diagnosing a species without
personally examining the specimen(s).  All I can offer is a discussion of
the confusion surrounding _Titanosaurus_, and the reasons behind the
contradictory taxonomy and nomenclature offered by different studies.  

>Incidentally, I'm having some difficulty even finding the catalogue 
> numbers of the type caudals; 

Me too.  No luck so far.