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new PS publication

Followers of this list may be interested in the following:

Michal Kowalewski and Patricia H. Kelley (editors), 2002, _The Fossil Record of 
Predation_, Paleontological Society Papers Number 8.

Most of the contributions deal with marine invertebrates, but vertebrates get 
due notice.  A couple long papers discuss the role of marine vertebrates as 
members of marine communities of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic/Cenozoic, with the 
general conclusion that vertebrates were pretty much kicking (biting?) 
invertebrate butt (in a manner of speaking) big time.  Blaire Van Valkenburgh 
and Ian Jenkins have an interesting paper that compares the evolution of large 
predator guilds in mammal-like reptiles (THERE!  I actually wrote the phrase 
that dare not say its paraphyletic name) and mammals, and the esteemed Dr. 
Holtz and I write about the fossil record of predation in dinosaurs.  Gary 
Haynes talks about the archaeological evidence for human hunting of large 

As somebody not unfamiliar with the production of books, I am quite impressed 
with how nice this volume looks.  There is crisp reproduction of both photos 
and line drawings.  It is also VERY cheap:  only $20 for 398 pages of 
interesting stuff.  An incredible bargain.

For ordering information, contact: