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Re: pterosaur paper

Original Message
by Dino Guy Ralph
Wednesday, 6. November 2002 17:36 CET

> > What is the etymology of "Jeholo-"?
> "Jehol" is the old geographical name for western Liaoning and northern
> Hebei in China,

But not, as one might think, in Chinese. :-) Must be Manzhu or something... 
in Chinese it's Rehe which can be found in older papers. (This r is evidence 
that the j is supposed to be pronounced as in French, not as in English, let 
alone Chinese. Chinese r is English r and French j said at the same time.)

Yeah, er, dinosaurs... no evidence, but arguments that *T. rex* was a hunter:
Overheating? Long legs, long tail, small trunk = big surface, and the air 
sacs could have contributed to cooling, too.
Food requirements? That's it. Why should enough big carcasses have lain