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Fwd: Re: New Hadrosauroid and Titanosaur from Mazongshan area

Thanks to Ken Carpenter, John Cooper and Dan Varner for forwarding this to me offlist.


Hy to all the ListMembers, last night in searching through "ProQuest"dissertation-service I've found an interesting PhD:
_You, Hai-lu 2002 Mazongshan dinosaur assemblage from late Early Cretaceous of northwest China University of Pennsylvania pp:1-164
The "ProQuest" service furnish some page in preview and in the section devoted to Euornithopoda the author mention that the Euornithopod found in the Ma-Zong-Shan area include small primitive Hypsilophodontidae as Silousaurus zhanqiani (Dong, 1997d) and large Iguanodontia as Probactrosaurus mazongshanensis (Lu, 1997) (after Norman 2002,not referrable to the genus Probactrosaurus). But of interest for some ListMembers is the complete skull and the partial postcranium assigned to a new genus and species: Equijubus normani found in the Middle Gray Unit of Gongpoquan Basin in 2000 the author cited that this new taxon occupies the most basal position within the Hadrosauroidea.
Of interest is also the section devoted to Sauropoda, in which the author cited an almost complete middle and caudal portion of a tail and a left hind-limb assigned to a new genus and species Gobititan shenzhouensis always found in the Middle Gray Bed of Gongpoquan Basin in 1999, for the author Gobititan represent a new basal Titanosaur.

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