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Re: Photos of hadrosaur survival

Let me just reiterate some points that I think you might have missed. Maybe you 
didn't read my comments. If what you wrote wasn't exactly directed at me, then 
disregard. But yes, stiff-bodied predatory dinosaurs did not attack like 
supple-bodied mammals. As a friend of mine so eloquently put it, they relied on 
an older, yet very successful mode of attack that is called, âKill by massive 
f*@!ing trauma!â One quick, powerful, deadly, blow, executed with a burst of 
speed from a stalking ambush. The bite causes extreme blood loss, the blood 
pressure drops, and as the animal panics, the animal's heart pumps faster. This 
only goes to increase the amount of blood loss in a decreased amount of time, 
and the animal quickly weakens and drops to the ground. End of story. All the 
while, the predator is sitting back at a safe distance and watching. (Just like 
a Great White shark... which I also pointed out.)  Mammals on the other hand go 
about it in a completely different manner. The!
y !
are wrestlers. Mammals have gripping teeth, and the force of the bite has been 
moved forward to the incisors and the canines and away from the jaw joint by 
way of the coranoid leverage arm. By doing this the mammals lock onto their 
prey and hold on, usually at the throat, crushing the preyâs trachea and 
causing death by suffocation. This is a totally new way of hunting.