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More Tyrannosaur Hunting

Eluding the idea of hunting structure entirely, I kinda like the idea in which the large 12 meter Tyrannosaurs did their damage much like sharks rather then lions, instead of wrestling and their rather large prey down like lions do, I propose Tyrannosaurs using gurrellia tatics of moving in to cause mortal damage and then backing off till another chance presents itself or simplying waiting for the badly injured victim to bleed out. Could explain the formidible oral weaponary of Tyrannosaurs. After all, biomechnics seems to frown on the idea on 6-ton animals struggling to bring each other down, damage done, even from the slightest of mistakes could be massive. I suppose more Tyrannosaurs makes this easier.

I can just picture it: "Hey Bob! Wave those puny arms to distract him while I take a bite out of his hip!" Well, not exactly but something like that...

Of course, it could be that the large Tyrannosaurs served more as bodyguards and bullies in the proposed social hunting model, much like male lions. Which do little hunting but are extremely useful when it comes to protecting the kill from potential rival clans or maybe even species that might play the pesky-Heyna role (Albertosaurs maybe). Of course, I am just waving the flag of utter speculation. No one idea is more likely then the next, given the dirth of actual facts.

Unless we have one mother of a mudslide or a sand dune to bury some Tyrannosaurs and associated prey during hunting, I think we for now, can never know...

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