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Basal non-avian theropod questions

Hi all!

Thought I might ask some questions dealing with some basal Carnosaurs, hope
everybody doesn't mind =)

1) Some while ago, somebody on this list asked about a "fact sheet" for
three carnosaurs, Dryptosaurus, Indosuchus and Daspletosaurus IIRC, with
holotype and referred material listings, measurement, age, diagnosis etc.,
but could someone please do the same for the following genera:
"Zupaysaurus", Cryolophosaurus and "Saltriosaurus"?

2) Has the all first three fingered theropod-thing been verified for
"Saltriosaurus"? I mean, from the things I have heard, the material was
pretty scattered and fragmentated, leaving me to doubt this assumption...

3) While searching throught the Archives, it became clear that no one had
any idea where to place Cryolophosaurus a few years back or so and with all
the current fuss about cladistic analysis, I haven't seen any mentioning in
the recent year about this genus which suprises me. In the Archives it
became clear that a number of position where advocated based on different
pieces of evidence, related to the Allosaurus, related to the Abelisauridae
or related to the more basal Ceratosauria. Has there been done any recent
work on Cryolophosaurus and it's position and what was the outcome?

4) Are there any pictures of the genera that I could possibly have?

Many thanks in advance!


Rutger Jansma