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Re: "JP4 a GO!"

StephanPickering@cs.com wrote:
<I'm afraid that one will add a further comment. Ask yourself: why is 
Michael Crichton not connected with any of these blatant exploitations? >
Why should he be?  He evidently sold the rights to the first and second books 
and subsequent sequels.  

< Why did he write a sequel to the 1990 novel which has no similarity to 
either the 
second or third mass marketing extravaganzas? >
The second book stunk, and the filmmakers knew it.  They bought the title and 
junked the story.

< Why is it that scinema with no 
plots are considered, somehow, avenues of excitement...is it because some 
hunger, like panting puppies, for the latest CGI conjured dinosaur? >
These movies are aimed at adolescent boys.  Demographics rule.

<Do toys, 
posters, vinyl models etc., regardless of some of the interesting artistic 
licenses, give one a "rush"? Are these substitutes for the far greater 
excitement of actually piecing together parts of the evolutionary puzzle of 
dinosaurs? >
The movie is meant to make money by featuring a cinema version of dinosaurs.  
It isn't school.

Snip of things concerning Steven Spielberg's floundering career before, 
during and after making one of the top grossing movies of all time.  

< serious ideas because they never originate with him. It has been my hope 
Mr Crichton will break his silence re: the Amblin Entertainment franchise, 
and address those of us in the dinosaur paleontology community who know some 
of the facts behind-the-scenes but keep lips sealed. >
There are many dinosaur stories out there--he should write another one.  He 
could have done that with _Time Line_.

< in our dreams. The blatant anti-intellectualism of the second and third 
should have been a cause of despair in the dinosaur paleontology community.>
A dumb film is a dumb film, dinosaurs featured or not.  Despite being darker, 
grittier, and bones d'contention, the second and third films were poorly 
scripted, mediocre blips on a screen.