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Re: New Hadrosauroid and Titanosaur from Mazongshan area

Many thanks to everyone who responded to my desperate, frothing-at-the-mouth 
plea for information concerning Norman's latest work. Especially notable are 
those who tried to sneak large files past UT's 5 MB e-mail limit!

For anyone who hasn't read it: the paper is certainly a wonderful continuation 
of Norman's fine work on iguanodontid-grade ornithopods. I would recommend the 
paper as general "outside reading" for any and all archosaur workers.

I was pleasantly surprised (despite warnings) to see an actual, coded data 
matrix at the end of the paper! .pdf documents make it fairly easy to drop a 
matrix into a Nexus file for processing... doing so with Norman's gives 
interesting results. I'd rather not comment extensively right now, because I 
have been getting a long string of "interesting" results from a variety of 
matrices, so much so that I have even questioned the accuracy of the latest 
beta of PAUP. Anyway, Norman does get a very interesting result for the "true 
hadrosaurids": ((Saurolophus,(Brachylophosaurus, Edmontosaurus)),
(Corythosaurus, Parasaurolophus)).

Anyway, thanks again to everyone!