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Re: "Carnosaurs"

Dino Rampage wrote-

> What phylogenetic position of the following basal tetanurans? Which of
> can be classed as Torvosaurids? Spinosauroids? Carnosauria? Or just plain
> basal Tetanurae?
> 1) Cryolophosaurus

Adding it to Rauhut's matrix makes it an avepod in a trichotomy with
Dilophosaurus and neotheropods.  Not a tetanurine.

> 2) Monolophosaurus

Carnosaur, according to all the matrices I've seen.

> 3) Eustreptospondylus

Megalosaurid, according to Rauhut (2002, at SVP).

> 4) Afrovenator

Megalosaurid, according to Rauhut (2002, at SVP).

> 5) Piatnitzkysaurus

Spinosauroid, according to the most recent unpublished matrices.

> 6) Sinraptor/ Yangchuanosaurus


> 7) Metriacanthosaurus

Carnosaur in Allian's 2002 matrix, and identically scoring with sinraptorids
in Rauhut's 2000 matrix.

Mickey Mortimer