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Re: "JP4 a GO!"

Sitat Jordan Mallon <j_mallon@hotmail.com>:

 Personally, I'm excited.  Especially with all these comments floating
 about how cool the plot's supposed to be. :P

ok, lets go through this.

JP1: It statrted building up, waiting for the T.rex and the raptors to be
the last visible dinosaurs, teasing ones nerves. A good detail is that
the very first we actually see of the tyrannosaurus is a rainy black head
up from the woods that swallows the goat, then comes the two distinctive
fingers on the no-longer electric fence:)

JP2: This time they made the raptors actually eat a _lot_ of people, and
instead of one T.rex there was two. Good old logic, 2 is better than 1.
And as if that wasnt enough, T.rex had to go beserk around L.A. i think
they'd really win the prize if they had added thousands of japanese
people running in the streets screaming, but since this is a hollywood
movie the japanese was exchanged with cars crashing;)

JP3: We're sick of T.rex, so we let Spinosaurus eat him up in the
beginning of the movie. People are virtually thrown into the jaws of
dinosaurs from the first moment. I cant think of any especially good
moments from this film.

JP4: if we follow this line, this will be a frenzy in dinosaurs eating
dinosaurs, dinosaurs eating people, people eating dinosaurs and possible
people eating people. I'm so excited:)

I always thought that the way the JP movies should go is to have the human actors devoured in the first three minutes & then use all that digital technology to good effect by having dinos just gallumphing back & forth for three hours of paleontological heaven.

just a preference