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Re: "JP4 a GO!"

> From: Russell Moran <rzzz@austarmetro.com.au>
> Reply-To: rzzz@austarmetro.com.au
> Date: Sat, 9 Nov 2002 07:38:57 +1000
> To: dinosaur@usc.edu
> Subject: Re: "JP4 a GO!"
> I always thought that the way the JP movies should go is to have the
> human actors devoured in the first three minutes & then use all that
> digital technology to good effect by having dinos just gallumphing
> back & forth for three hours of paleontological heaven.
> just a preference
> Rzzz

    I agree!  And I think that JP III did a better job of that than Lost
World.  Within the first 15 minutes or so you've got 5 unarmed humans,
crashed and marooned, stripped of all technology except for a cell phone and
a shreaded parafoil,  at the mercy of all the Spielbergasaurosus on the
island!  No ATVs, no Mercedes SUVs, no Bazookas, Rocket launchers,  Lasers,
no weapons of any kind, and therefore much better than Lost World.  Just
that big collective human brain.  And how gullible is that Dr Grant
character.  "We're just going to fly over the island and see what we can see
from the air."  Yeah, right.  I didn't buy the menace of the Pteranodons
though, as they were probably the mesezoic equavalent of an Albatross or
"Gooney Bird".  We can only hope for a better JP IV.  Just my adolecent boy
opinion.  -  Bill