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Re: "JP4 a GO!"

I think they started getting tired after the first one. The second movie
   was horrible, especially with the tacky dialogue, attempted human
drama, and having the tyrannosaurus wreak havoc in San Diego.

The third movie, to me, seemed like a blatant attempt to cash in on the
Jurassic park franchise. You don't need a good movie in order to get
high ticket sales it seems. Plus Horner's t-rex eating super-spinosaurus
made the film even worse. Wouldn't the battle have been over as soon as
the t-rex clamped on to the spinosaur's neck? You see Horner
implementing his views on a slow running, scavenging tyrannosaurus in
the film, but at the same time there's a fast moving spinosaurus taking
down seven-ton prey with those slender jaws. I thought the
commonly held view was that they'd probably only be good for picking
apart carrion or eating smaller prey, like fish. It would've been good
to at least see it use it's claws more.

The spinosaurus as well seemed to exist for the purpose of being nothing
more than a movie cliché super-monster. I think the "creative license"
they took to make it just a bigger badder version of the t-rex was a
little obvious, even to a one who is not familiar with paleontology.

I hope that if there is a fourth JP film, we'll at least see feathers on
something. That'd make it worth while for me.