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Fwd: Re: "JP4 a GO!"

JP I : It did the really great job of reintroducing dinosaurs to the public... the last dinosaur movies we had here in Singapore was the VERY BAD "The Land Before Time" As a 12-year old kid, I was almost moved to tears when I first saw that browsing Brachiosaurus. I almost peed in my pants when the Velociraptors struck, & I was cheering & hooting for the Tyrannosaurus chomped down on that lawyer. Overall, it's the best among the 3 when it comes to suspense & action.

JP II: Plot was lame, but I liked the way they tried to portray the dinosaurs as ordinary animals just trying to make a living. Pretty huge stegosaurs though... And I wished they'd shown more of Triceratops

JP III: In my personal view, this is the worst of the 3. The talking raptors? The predatory Pteranodons with legs strong enough to lift a 8-year old kid? Please... But one of my favourite scenes was the Corythosaurus/ Parasaurolophus stampede. I can't say anything much about the rest of the scenes... Besides the carnivores, the rest of the dinosaurs weren't doing much besides looking at the humans in bewilderment... come on! I wanna see that Ankylosaurus use his tail!!!

I just hope that JP 4 can do better...

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