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Re: "JP4 a GO!"

Dinogeorge@aol.com wrote:

> One could also make a case for JP dinosaurs being featherless as the result
> of using too much of the frog genome and not having much of the birdlike
> genome available. Those who built the dinosaurs didn't go for feathers in the
> genome because dinos were not known to have been feathered then.

Or they originally DID turn out with feathers, but the scientists
thought this was due to some sort of contamination, and deliberately
altered the DNA to create the familiar scaly lizard-creatures we all
grew up with. 

In a theme park, image is everything. Would the Pirates of the Caribbean
be as popular with the kiddies if they were true-to-life? You'd have a
bunch of syphalitic, scabby, murderous thugs shouting abuse at children,
in between disembowlings. :)


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