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Re: I demand a rematch!(was Re: "JP4 a GO!")

Brian wrote:

Greetings all,
Am I the only one who felt cheated when the Tyrannosaurus went down too soon
in the Rex/Spino battle? I liked all the JP films, for different reasons, but
I think they're all worthwhile. But if they go ahead with JP4, then T.rex
must be vindicated! Spinosaurus must be defeated!

I mean, lets face it, that entire scene was propaganda for Horners' "obligate
scavenger" theory.

And while I think Stephen Pickering is too hard on the JP series and Hollywood, he's dead on about ET. It's pure garbage.

Brian Buck

If you look closely at the fight between the Spino and the Tyranno in the movie you'll see that the first thing that happens is that the rex bites the spino hard on the neck - it seems to me that the contest would have been over right at that point (crunch -crunch- big ouch!). I'm not takin' sides or anything.....