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Re: More new articles

Has this been studied for dinosaurs?
In WWD, there's a scene where Big Al is attracted by the pheromons of a
female. Could such a scene have been possible, or not?
(I prefer not to draw scenes that never existed) -;)

Cheers - Aspidel.

From: <bh480@scn.org>
> Senter, P. 2002. Lack of a pheromonal sense in phytosaurs
> and other archosaurs, and its implications for
> reproductive communication. Paleobiology: 28 (4): 544-550
>  The vomeronasal (VN) system is a pheromone-processing
> sensory system of tetrapods. Tetrapods use pheromones to
> communicate territorial boundaries, reproductive status,
> sex, and species identity. Presumed impressions of VN
> bulbs on phytosaur frontals led to a claim that phytosaurs
> possessed the VN system. However, in extant crocodilians,
> which lack the VN system, the corresponding impressions
> are associated not with cerebral tissue but with the
> ophthalmic nerves. Phytosaur head morphology was not
> conducive to pheromone collection. The extant phylogenetic
> bracket suggests that all extinct archosaurs, including
> phytosaurs, lacked the VN system. Without the pheromonal
> sense, they would not have used chemical means to convey
> territorial boundaries, reproductive status, sex, and
> species identity. Instead, they would have used visual,
> acoustic, and tactile cues, as in extant archosaurs and
> other tetrapods in which the VN sense is reduced or absent.