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a note on A.P. Russell & "more new articles"

The joint paper by Eric Snively and Anthony P. Russell
originally appeared as a 2001 abstract:
Eric Snively & A.P. Russell, 2001. Integrated bone and
ligament function of the metatarsus of tyrannosaurid
dinosaurs. Jour. Morphology 248[supplement]:286
A few pages later was another interesting abstract of
a paper-to-come:
M.K. Vikaryous & A.P. Russell, 2001. The osseous
secondary palate of ankylosaurs: variation in
configuration of the nasal pathways. Jour. Morphology
248[supplement]:295 [abstract]
Two major projects, under Anthony Russell's
supervision, are in-progress, promising to be
enlightening, indeed:
1) Michael J. Ryan is finishing his dissertation on
the paleobiology of all ceratopsians;
2) Sandra Jasinoski is working on Morphology &
mechanics of the theropod shoulder girdle, with
special reference to the furcula.
Is Kenneth Carpenter going to be making pdfs of his
2002 nonavian theropod forelimb biomechanics paper
available to other scholars? The free flow of data is
what keeps the beautiful beasts in focus vs. the
exorbitant subscription prices charged by journals.

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