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a note on Naoko Egi & "more new articles"

The collaborative research with David Weishampel was
published earlier in two abstracts:
Naoko Egi & D.B. Weishampel
1996 Morphological comparison and biomechanical
interpretion of humeri of Hadrosauridae (Ornithopoda,
Dinosauria). Jour. Vertebrate Paleontology
15(3)[supplement]:32A [abstract]
1997 Variation in humeral morphology among
hadrosaurids (Dinosauria): evidence for locomotor
evolution within Iguanodontia. Abstracts with Programs
146th Regular Meeting of the Palaeontological Society
of Japan, p. 38 [abstract]
Noako Egi has done interesting  work on biomechanics
of extinct mammalian taxa:
1997 Limb proportions in Mammalia and Archosauria.
Jour. Vertebrate Paleontology 17(3)[supplement]:44A
1999 Functional morphology of the limb bones in Recent
carnivores and its application to North American
hyaenodontid Creodontia. Ph.D. dissertation, Johns
Hopkins University, 476pp
2001 Body mass estimates in extinct mammals from limb
bone dimensions: the case of North American
hyaenodontids. Palaeontology 44(3):497-528

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