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Re: "JP4 a GO!" (jk)

Sitat ashmidt <ashmidt@flash.net>:
> > And as if that wasnt enough, T.rex had to go beserk around L.A. i
> think
> > they'd really win the prize if they had added thousands of japanese
> > people running in the streets screaming, but since this is a
> hollywood
> > movie the japanese was exchanged with cars crashing;)
> Well, at least they gave a somewhat logical reason for the creature's
> rampage (the idiot capture guys with no names giving the Tyrannosaur
> super
> stimulants of some kind and turning it into a "locomotive").

in other words; T.rex on speed
what a nightmare!

again, that seems to be kinda exaggerated no?
"ok, we got a 12 metre long thing with a biting force like a white shark 
capable of eating up everything that moves.. now what do we do? I know! 
We give it stimulants and send it to L.A!"

I love hollywood:)

--------Øyvind M. Padron--------