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retroverted pubis, Asian surnames, and JP.

I have a question about the pubis in dromaeosaurs - does it have common descent with a bird's pubis, or is it possible it's convergence? And a side-question - in a 1997 posting i found while looking at the archives, it was mentioned that only dromaeosaurs, birds and therizinosaurs had the retroverted pubis among saurischians - is that still true? What's it like in _Mononykus_ and _Patagonykus_ (or do they go under "birds")?

(Only thought to ask because i have a friend who had heard me mention the bird-dinosaur thing, and asked me if it was the ornithischians that they were descended from, and then i was telling her about the dromaeosaurs having a bird-like hip, and now im suddenly wondering if i was right to just take for granted that the dromaeosaur pubis led to the bird's pubis, as ive never seen it explicitly stated. (Yes, i was also impressed that she knew "saurischian" and "ornithischian", but had only recently come across the idea that birds are within dinosaurs!))

About Asian surnames: quick question from one self-professed lurker to another:

Andrea Kirk wrote: >Japanese surnames are commonly (at least, in Japan!) put before the personal names, just as in Chinese. I'm a bit surprised to hear that this journal prints them Western-style. As for the origin of Japanese surnames, some of them are clan names, some are place names, and I think the most logical reason for them to be written surname-first is simply Japanese grammar. A name like "Tokugawa Ieyasu" would have been written in an earlier time as "Tokugawa no Ieyasu", or Ieyasu OF [the clan of] Tokugawa.<

Is it possible that names in Japanese are changed according to the language they're being spoken in? For example, because it's "Ieyasu of clan Tokugawa", it becomes "Ieyasu Tokegawa" if Ieyasu happens to be being introduced by somebody speaking in English (and so it'd go back to normal when being introduced in Japanese)? So i would *become* "Elliott David" as long as i was introducing myself in Japanese, if "David of clan Elliott" is "Elliott no David" in Japanese, thus possibly explaining the Westernized grammar in the article? I'm probably wrong, but it's just a thought.

And finally, i dont post often, so ill get it all out in one single jolt...

And as if that wasnt enough, T.rex had to go beserk around L.A. i think they'd really win the prize if they had added thousands of japanese people running in the streets screaming, but since this is a hollywood movie the japanese was exchanged with cars crashing;)<

Actually Speilberg did have a quick deliberate shot when a group of Japanese businessmen among the fleeing crowd where the only ones in the frame. (and it was San Diego (not LA))

I took the scientific explanation of the tyrannosaur's beserkness as being a kind of joke as well, like they were saying "Ok, yeah, we know it's dumb, but let us do it. You know you want it..."

JP4: if we follow this line, this will be a frenzy in dinosaurs eating
dinosaurs, dinosaurs eating people, people eating dinosaurs and possible people eating people. I'm so excited:)<

Ok, that had me rolling on the floor laughing.


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