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Re: synonymous sauropods?

Tim Donovan (msdonovan66@hotmail.com) wrote:

<The recent discovery of tracks which match the pes of O. skarzynskii in
the Central Sayr, close to the site that yielded the type skull of N.
mongoliensis, suggests the two are the same. So does the discovery of
opisthocoelous caudals in the nearby Western Sayr.>

  Both taxa are found in the same sediments, so this is not surprising;
however, this is not evidence of synonymy. Though it is brief,
phylogenetic analysis and independant assessments of *Opisthocoelicaudia*
and *Nemegtosaurus* show the former is a very, ver saltasaurine-like
animal, and the latter close to *Rapetosaurus*, and indeed not synonymous
with *Quaesitosaurus*.

  Fun stuff.

  Refs are:

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Jaime A. Headden

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