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> rbut02@esc.cam.ac.uk
> Hi,
> Does anyone know where i can get hold of the cladistic data
> matrix used to
> produce the following cladograms:
> Sereno 'Evolution of dinosaurs' Science, 284, 2137-2147, 1999

Matricies, not matrix.  The figure shown is a composite of several different
analyses (basal dinosaurs; thyreophorans; ornithopods; marginocephalians;
prosauropods; sauropodomorphs; ceratosaurs; non-avialian tetanurines; basal

These are available online at:

> Padian, Hutchinson and Holtz, Journal Vert Pal. 19, 69-80

Not based on any single source. That is a paper about TAXONOMY, not a paper
about phylogeny reconstruction.  The basic framework was from the version of
my Gaia paper, then currently in the works.  The final published version has
some differences, as one can note.

> Chiappe 'The first 85 million years of avian evolution' Nature,
> 378, 349-355.

I believe it was based on work that was going to come out in the Mesozoic
Birds: Above the Heads of Dinosaurs book.  To my knowledge that particular
matrix was never published as such, since new taxa became available and new
data suggested a different position for Alvarezsauridae.

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