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Ostensibly to save time, am combining a few replies into 
this one message. Firstly, re: definition of _Titanosaurus_, 
George urged Tim to publish a diagnosis of the type 
species. Given that Jeff Wilson and Paul Upchurch are 
presently working on a review of _Titanosaurus_, this is not 
such a good idea. As Tim will be the first to admit, Wilson 
and Upchurch might have seen just a _little bit_ more 
sauropod material than Tim has.

In an email about tyrannosaurid systematics, Jaime wrote....

> Then there's the columbid *Didunculus*, the dodo. 

You mean _Raphus_. _Didunculus_ Peale 1848 is the 
Samoan tooth-billed pigeon.

In an email about Pimm's _Annals Missouri Botanical 
Garden_ paper, Stephan Pickering said that passerines 
constitute about 25% of all continental birds. As a point of 
interest, passerines constitute 59% of total extant bird taxa 
(i.e., non-continental as well as continental taxa).

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