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JP 4 Tidbits...

This is from the aint-it-cool-new site:


Excerpt 1:

... I attended Jack Horner's lecture "T-rex Predator or Scavanger: The
Killing of a Legend" at the University of Texas at Brownsville and Texas
Southmost College (UTB/TSC). Fun presentation, he made fun of the local
college administration and made some thinnly-vielled jokes about his
fellow paleontologists (like Robert Bakker). 
...Before the end of the night, in a q-and-a period, a friend of mine
asked him about Jurassic Park 4. He said, "I've already done some work on
it" but he added, "I suspect it is going to veer off in a direction that
is a bit less scientific, so I'll probably only work on it for a little

He suggested that he might have an experience similar to the one he had
working on Disney's Dinosaur. He said, "I worked on that until the
dinosaurs started to talk."

We tried to ask him later to be a bit more specific, but he declined
saying he'd been instructed not to say anything. 

Excerpt 2:
Sam Neill is not going to appear in Jurassic Park 4, and I do know this
for a fact. I know that Sam Neills Character is not in the current script
for the film. How do I know that? I cant give that away, but I will give
you a hint. The story will involve the United Nations, and the
extermination of the dinosaurs. I can't give any more with out blowing my