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Science/Natural History filmaking course

Hi everyone,

I thought I'd pass this along in case anyone is interested. I read about it in my Montana State University alumnist publication. Below is an extremely shortened version of the article:

"MSU [Bozeman] offers nation's only science/natural history filmaking course. ... 'The intent of this program is to produce a new generation of documentary filmmakers that is trained in the areas of science, science communication and filmmaking' said Ronald Tobias, the renown wildlife filmmaker who founded the three-year program. He adds 'Scientists generally don't like the media because the media just doesn't get it, and they are right. Media look at scientists and say they don't get it, and they are right. Neither side has communicated very well with the other. What we hope to do is help close the gap.' ... Students entering the program must have at least a bachelor's degree in science, engineering or technology. If they come out of liberal arts or a filmmaking program, they must have a declared minor in science or its equivalent. Approximately one-third of the students already have an advanced degree."

I think this is a great idea and I'd love to see it extend into the realm of paleontology. Just think - an actual paleontologist making a film about something he's studied instead of trying to explain it to someone who has their own agenda. Well, it's a nice dream anyway... :)

Have fun,

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