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Re: Psittacosaurus bristles

A thorough analysis of the structures was published,
with photographs, by Gerald Mayr.
Gerald Mayr, D. Stefan Peters, Gerhard Plodowski, Olaf
Vogel, 2002. Bristle-like integumentary structures at
the tail of the horned dinosaur Psittacosaurus.
Naturwissenschaften 89(8):361-365.
If one carefully chooses from various publishers
(Blackwell, Kluwer Academic, Academic Press, et al.),
one can receive regular table-of-contents alerts, so
that one can, within reason, keep current with
emerging publications. Tracy Ford's website remains
the most up-to-date compendium of publications, and
<www.dinodata.net> also has excellent literature
listings of various taxa. For example, someone not
up-to-date on dinosaur literature since 1900 has asked
re: Camptosaurus. <www.dinodata.net> will give that
individual links to literature citations. Peter Galton
has, e.g., published on the taxon Camptosaurus. 
George Olshevsky's taxonomic listings can give one an
overview of taxonomic publication dates.
What do "these things" mean? The paper gives one the
likely indication.

--- Daniel Bensen <dbensen@bowdoin.edu> wrote:
> Okay, the conversation on this one was stopped some
> time ago, but now I
> think it's time to re-examine these things.
> What the heck are the bristles and what might they
> mean?
> Dan 

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