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Variation in Caudipteryx

There are now several good skeletal reconstructions of Caudipteryx
floating around out there, and they seem to fall into two camps.  One
(HP Jaime Headden's original skeletal reconstruction) depicts an animal
with a rounded skull that abruptly tapers to a short snout.  
The others depict a more generally triangular skull, where the cranium
bulge is less pronounced, and tapers smoothly into a long snout
 (HP Marco Auditore's reconstruction
HP Jaime Headden's "portrait"
and HP Gregory Paul's reconstruction in _Dinosaurs of the Air_ (and the
Scientific American book) 

The fact that the small-snouted reconstructions have now been entirely
replaced by long-snouts leads me to believe someone has done a new study
and found that the long-snout type is more accurate.  However, Jaime
Headden's comment in his Dinosauricon implies there are at least two
varieties of Caudipteryx skull shape.  I smell something like the
Oviraptor/Citipati/Rinchenia mess going on, and I'd like some

(oh, I also have some sketches that HP Mickey Mortimer sent me a while
back, but which I stupidly forgot to label, which show three distinct
types of skull)

Thanks for any light you can shed on this issue