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RE: Psittacosaurus bristles

Thanks for the clarification.  So Psittacosaurs (at least of this
species) did indeed have bristles, which may or may not have simply been
elongated scales (if they actually did touch the vertebrae, the spines
would have to be bone, themselves, wouldn't they?  But they sound too
flexible to be bone) or may have been some type of
dinofuzz/protofeather, which means that that sort of integument either
evolved twice or is primitive for all dinosaurs, if secondarily lost by

I like HP Jansma's cricket idea.  African porcupines _do_ use their
spines to make noise (some of the spines are especially adapted for this
purpose).  Good old sexual advertisement is another possibility.

Finally, are there any photos out there on the net for me to see?
(Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the small New England
liberal arts college I attend does not subscribe to Naturwissenschaften)
I really am limited to net-based information.

And so I subscribe to the DML. :)