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Who to contact - the Dinosaur National Monument crisis

As most members of the Dinosaur Mailing List are probably aware,
Dinosaur National Monument is in danger of having its paleontology
program removed.

See these mails for a little more info

Having grown up in Washington, DC, as well as worked on websites for
UNICEF, ACLU, the Wilderness Society, , various branches of Pew
Center, and WWF (that would be World Wildlife Federation, not the
wrestling ;) ), I've learned that the best way to make yourself
noticed is to bug as many people in a reasonable manner as possible. 
Since DNM straddles two states, we should not just bug one Utah state
senator and the head of the NPS - there are a whole lot of government
officials who would just _love_ to hear from us. ;)

In that vein, I've collected a list of people you can contact via
e-mail and/or snail-mail - you can see the page at
http://www.charweb.com/dnm/ . Additionally, there's an excerpt from
the Position Management Plan that discusses the plans for the two
paleontology positions at the park.

If anyone is interested in writing a generic letter people can send,
I'd be happy to post it so people can cut-and-paste e-mails.  I'm
admittedly a little out of the paleo-loop here, so I don't know if I
can put it as well as some other list members.

Hope this helps

Toni Geoly
Falls Church, VA

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