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Re: Just wanted to say hello- Dig Site Participation

    I recommend that you and your husband check out the following google
link for a group of dino/fossil dig participation sites. They will also
provide you with links to other sites.


    Good luck and keep us posted!

Patricia Kane-Vanni
pkv1@erols.com  or  pkvanni@sas.upenn.edu

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Subject: Just wanted to say hello

> I just joined this list because I have long had a love
> for and enjoyment of anything having to do with
> dinosaurs and paleontology. If I'd had my head on
> straight as a kid, I would have gone into it -- but I
> didn't and now it's way too late. However, I can still
> enjoy learning.
> I won't be posting much here because I hate sounding
> stupid -- but I will be lurking and enjoying your
> posts and learning more about our favorite critters.
> Okay, so I am about to sound stupid. Please forgive
> me. How does one go about getting a job on a dig? I
> don't mean anything as advanced as finding and digging
> up fossils -- but surely there's some use to which a
> dino lover with a little brains can be put like
> hauling dirt away from the dig, cleaning tools,
> getting coffee -- whatever.
> I do know a little about computers and I am a writer.
> Useful on a dig or no?
> I am desperate to actually be there (anywhere!) when a
> discovery is made or even if there are just nice
> possibilities and no fossils yet. I want to do that
> someday before I die. Hopefully, that won't be any
> time soon, but you know what I mean.
> Any place for volunteers? Oh, my husband would want to
> go, too.
> Rita