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Wanted: artists willing to dig * Priceless prints stolen * 3D dinosaurs bite back * Dinosaur Program Becoming Extinct?

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The headlines:

** Evidence of Triassic asteroid
The once-molten shards of rock were probably gouged from a huge crater in
Canada, formed when a massive asteroid hit the planet at up to 20 miles a

**  Fossils Fuel Fun
Bits of a mesosaur (a sea-lizard dinosaur) and a 5,000-year-old bison skull
named "Herman" were among artifacts that captivated fifth grade classes at
Layne Elementary

**  Groups sue over protection for Jurassic fish
The sturgeon grows to be 7-feet long and 350 pounds, and many think the
Klamath and Trinity rivers are the main holdout for the Jurassic fish


**  Wanted: artists willing to dig
The museum has a long history of pairing illustrators and photographers with
paleontologists and biologists, using one discipline to illuminate the other

**  Priceless prints
They staged an international hunt for a stegosaurus footprint stolen from
Aboriginal land in Broome

**  3D dinosaurs bite back
The Raptor project brings together a fossilised skull and 3D computer
graphics to fill in unpreserved details of the dinosaur

**  Dinosaur Program Becoming Extinct?
A growing group of scientists fears the paleontology program at Dinosaur
National Monument soon will be extinct

**  Extinct bird in 'ground breaker'
The DNA of extinct birds has shed new light on the formation of the
continents in the Southern Hemisphere

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