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RE: Hesperornis sp. nov.

--- "Williams, Tim" <TiJaWi@agron.iastate.edu> wrote:
> Ditto above.  I guess you're referring to those bits and pieces from New
> Jersey (graculavids etc).  However, there is a big distinction between the
> earliest *known* neornithines (as discovered in the fossil record) and the
> most basal neornithines (as inferred from phylogenetic studies).  BTW, on
> that last point, the base of the Neornithes (Palaeognathae, Galloanserae)
> appears to include a disproportionate number of birds that fly poorly (e.g.
> tinamous, screamers) or not at all (e.g. ratites, dromornithids).  I think
> it's a stretch to say that the first Neornithes were (a) good fliers and (b)
> water-loving.

Agree about water-loving, but I wonder if it's possible that basal neornitheans
were good fliers, but neoavians developed better flight than other
neornitheans, forcing them into more terrestrial and aquatic niches?

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