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How do you feel about this?

Of course I was delighted when someone here suggested 
I check Google to find digs that will accept the help 
of amateurs like me. It would be so wonderful to be 
there for a find -- let alone to dig one up myself! 
Gods! What heaven.

However, some of these tourist outfits that do this 
don't sound very professional to me. More than one 
actually sells fossils. Gods only know how these 
amateurs (like me) are ripping up the ground and 
ruining possible dig sites for the professionals. And 
how about record keeping? Do they even record where 
these fossils came from, how they were situated in the 
ground and all that?

How do you all feel about this? I know some of you are 
professionals. Do these amateur outfits damage future 
digs and what about selling fossils? Is that ethical? 
I'd like to think that if I actually found something, 
it would go to a museum where everyone could see and 
enjoy it. 

This bothers me. I'd love your opinions.