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Re: Ankylosaurus origins

Tim Donovan (msdonovan66@hotmail.com) wrote:

<Perhaps there were different species of Euoplocephalus in the lowland and
inland environments.>

  Matt Vickaryous at the Royal Tyrell is currently working on a review of
*Euoplocephalus* and this has so far resulted in several papers on the
osteology and mechanism of the skull and jaw, and with postcranial
interpretations on the way. his thesis was, in fact, on the skull.
Currently, Vickeryous considers the possibility of more than one species
in the current complex of skulls, based on size-independant morphometric
features of both skull and psotcrania (but mainly of the skull), including
the *Dioplocephalus* holotype. But, he argues, this may be indicative of
only sexual dimorphism, and I have, also, not really talked to him about
anything, so this is just info gleaned from papers and a quick perusal


Jaime A. Headden

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