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Re: The Final Days

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> --- Kashman7@aol.com wrote:
> > I keep hearing over and over that the dinosaur's huge food requirements
> > paramount in letting them fall at the K-T while birds, reptiles and
> > amphibeans survived.
> > Yet, large crocodilians seem to have made passage over the gap. Or were
> > all decended from smaller survivors.
> >
> > Has anyone done a study of what dinosaur species closest approached the
> > boundary that were small? Say, less than 3 meters in length? Even
> > dinosaurs, if any at that time. Heck, ducks made it accross.
> People often say that non-avian dinosaurs went extinct at the K/T
> which is true, but it's more accurate to say that non-neornithean
> went extinct (unless _Ornithodira_ is an unnatural group ... then
> non-neornithean dinosaurs would be more accurate). There were plenty of
> non-neornithean avians in the Maastrichtian (enantiornitheans,
> hesperornithiforms, ichthyornithiforms) which seem to have perished
> most of the other dinosaurs. Many of these were under duck size.
> (Of course, some use _Aves_ as a crown group, in which case "non-avian
> dinosaurs" would be accurate -- kinda confusing....)
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pehaps it might become readable for someone who uses the word kut for cunt
and the word dinosaurus for dinosaur.

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